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Project 2024's mission is to create a professional judo program in the United States that ensures payment for athletes and coaches with Olympic aspirations. Athletes will receive the financial support, development plan, technical expertise, and training necessary to reach their goals. The ultimate goal is to prepare America's Judo Team and International Athletes for success at the Tokyo 2020 & the 2024 Olympic Games which will be held in Paris, France.

Jimmy Pedro - Chairman

World Champion Jimmy Pedro is one of the most decorated judo players in American history. Jimmy is world renowned for his judo expertise, coaching ability, and training methods. As a world-renowned coach, his success at the 2012 & 2016 Olympic Games led to the victories of Kayla Harrison earning back-to-back gold medals and Travis Stevens earning a silver medal in 2016.

Jim "Big Jim" Pedro - Lifetime Coach

Jim "Big Jim" Pedro is one of the most decorated coaches in USA Judo's history. He is responsible for coaching some of the best USA Judo athletes in history, such as Jimmy Pedro, Ronda Rousey, Kayla Harrison, and Travis Stevens along with many more. He is still coaching to this day. He currently works with his son Jimmy and Travis coaching the athletes full time at the US National Training Site in Pedro's Judo. 

Chris Skelley - Co Founder

Chris quickly excelled as a coach for USA Judo, at the junior level, traveling around the world with Team USA. In 2004, Chris joined the USA Judo staff, with head coach Jimmy Pedro, and started the U-23 Program. Their goal and mission was to produce a gold medalist in the 2012 Olympics.  This mission was accomplished at the 2012 Olympic Games when Kayla Harrison became the first-ever Judo gold medalist.  As an added bonus, Team USA members & Project 2024 Coaches; Marti Malloy walked away with a bronze medal and Travis Stevens walked away with a 5th place finish. In 2016, Chris and the USA staff proved, once again, that they had what it takes to produce a champion.  Harrison won her second gold medal and Travis Stevens earned a silver medal. After the Rio Games, Harrison, Malloy and Stevens decided to retire from competition.

Travis Stevens - Technical Advisor

Travis Stevens is an Olympic Silver Medalist and 3x US Olympian. He is currently oversees the coaching staff of Project 2024 along with programing for seminars. Travis currently lives in Wakefield, MA where he coaches at the US National Training Site in Wakefield, MA held out of Pedro's Judo Center.

Marti Malloy - Coach

Marti Malloy is 2x Olympian, Olympic Bronze Medalist, and World Silver Medalist. Marti is excited to be coaching and helping the youth develop in a systematic way, which she found helpful during her competition years. Marti currently resides in San Jose, CA where she contiues to help train and coach the athletes currently training at the US National Training Site located at San Jose State University!

Angelica Delgado - Coach

Currently the #1 Athlete for USA Judo and 2016 Olympian! While Angelica will spend most of her time on the road qualifing for the 2020 Olympic Games, she is excited to make apperances for Project 2024 at sessions she can fit into her busy schedule. She has the full support of Project 2024 during her Olympic run! 

Colton Brown - Coach

Colton Brown is activally chasing the 90kg Olympic spot for Team USA. He is currently the #1 Ranked 90kg male for USA Judo. Colton is excited to help the youth develop and has already helped with previous Project 2024 Camps held in his home state of New Jersey. Colton Brown currently has the full support of Project 2024 as he prepares for the 2020 Olympic Games.



Byron Redditt

Project 2024 was a fantastic and enlightening experience. As both a father of a young Judoka and instructor/coach I found the program very eye-opening.  With regards to the junior program, the clinicians (Travis Stevens and Marti Malloy) provided a great experience for the kids that was grounded in an easy to follow instructions provided great attention to detail. The juniors learn new ways to approach some basic fundamentals while still having fun. 

The elite program gave our potential up and coming Judoka a glimpse into elite level Judoka train. Those who participate in the elite program will most definitely see the how mentally tough they can really be and how resilient they are. There is a s ... Read More

Clyde Worthen

Project 2024 is an excellent and active concept for developing our high-performance
judo athletes. Tech Judo has hosted several high-performance
training sessions, and it was very obvious what experienced US Athletes who have
reached the highest levels in our sport can bring to young aspiring athletes. There
are many motivational and technical aspects of judo that are difficult to acquire
elsewhere. We have so many athletes who train very hard and make many
sacrifices to hopefully one day represent the US internationally, or possibly even
in the Olympics, and this is unfortunately almost impossible without the proper
training and guidance it takes to develop t ... Read More

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